Tanya McMahon is a Registered Acupuncturist and Herbal Medicine Practitioner. Tanya has an Advanced Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a member of AACMA and is AHPRA registered.

Tanya is a devoted and passionate TCM practitioner who has refined her skills over the last 15 years of practise of acupuncture and herbs. In 1999 Tanya was the Editor of a nationally circulated monthly health magazine. For the last 3 years Tanya has been dividing her time between the Red Orchid Wellness clinic at Nowra and Daniel Deng and Associates at Cronulla.

Tanya incorporates two styles of advanced acupuncture in her practise. The Balance Method style which has evolved over the last four years and works on the premise that a minimal number of distal points can be used along associated channels (away from the pain) to avoid aggravating the local problem. Particularly in acute pain conditions, but also in any presenting pathology, the number of treatments required to bring the body back into harmony can be reduced using the Balance Method. 

The other style that Tanya uses, The Deng Style method for Acupuncture, is a unique microsystem pulse based method  that redistributes the qi when needling certain points in upper/lower, back/front, internal/external body as determined by the pulse diagnosis. The pulse is continually checked to assess the effectiveness of the treatment. This method also looks at body evidence to track pathologies along the channels and can be used in conjunction with the balance method. The different parts of this method allow a good understanding of what is happening in the body from a Chinese Medicine perspective, with a very effective treatment protocol to bring change in the health of the patient.

Where required Tanya uses patent herbal medicines or dispenses individual granule formulas to support the acupuncture treatment. Nutritional advice and exercises or points to self massage may be given according to the nature of the condition. If required, Ba Zi or Chinese Astrology can give timely information regarding the annual or period elemental astrological combinations and their influence on the personal element combinations in a patients chart. This information can help the patient understand which areas of their health are priority.

Tanya has a Diploma in Bodywork Therapy, Aromatherapy, Advanced Massage and Sports Injuries and an Advanced Diploma of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Tanya graduated with the Sun Ten award for Study Excellence. Tanya is interested in the areas of digestive disorders, stress and emotional imbalances, musculo-skeletal injuries, women’s health and facial rejuvenation.